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A brand new print version of Iceland Magazine has just hit the streets!

By Staff

  • On the cover The man made hill is a fantastic artwork by Ólöf Nordal, located at the old harbour of Reykjavík. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

We have a brand new issue of the print version of Iceland Magazine! As usual the mag is best read and enjoyed in print but you can also read it online here below.

It's available at hotels, information centres, domestic airports and cafés all around the country. And it’s free!

A few highlights from this one:

Great Cocktail Bars
Heimaey Island’s Viking Church
Triathlon in the Westfjords,R
Reykjavík International Film Festival

The Style on the Street
Iceland Magazine’s photographer went out and about town and shot a few local stylistas in an attempt to capture Iceland’s true street style. 

The Wild West
With its endless fjords and coves, the Westfjords is not an area for fast traveling. It forces you to slow down the pace and savor the breathtaking scenery of the sub-Arctic landscape.

Surfing at the Edge of the World
Surfing is not only chilling out in the sun in the warmer climates. Photos from Nixon Surf Challenge’s visit to Iceland last year.

27 Reasons To Love Reykjavík
The midnight sun, the Northern Lights, the downtown cats, the majestic mountain view, the swimming pools, the mismatched architecture, and more…




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