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A big year in for imported music acts

By Dr. Gunni

  • All Tomorrow’s Parties festival is in Reykjanesbær town, July 10-12.

The supply of foreign musicians visiting Iceland has been extremely varied over the years. When Led Zeppelin came in 1970, they were the first foreign act to visit in three years. The mad upswing in the economy brought everybody from Metallica to Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton doing mega shows on the island.

After some meager years following the 2008 bank collapse, this year looks really promising and perhaps indicates that the Icelandic depression is over.

Probably the biggest show of 2014 will be Justin Timberlake’s concert in August—60,000 people have fought over the 16,000 tickets that went on sale in March.

Other visiting acts will include Neil Young & The Crazy Horse (Reykjavík, July 7), Portishead, Interpol and Mogwai (All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Reykjanesbær town, July 10-12), Massive Attack (Summer Solstice Festival in Reykjavík, June 20-22), and The Pixies (Reykjavík, June 11).

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