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75 lambs born during RÚV’s live broadcast from farm Syðri Hofdalir in North Iceland.

By Staff

  • Newly born Lambing season in Iceland is at its peak. RÚV broadcasted live from a farm in North Iceland. Photo/Húsdýragarðurinn

A thousand lambs had been born this morning on the farm Syðri Hofdalir in Skagafjörður fjord, North Iceland. The National Broadcasting Service, RÚV, has been transmitting live and non-stop from the farm’s lamb shed since yesterday noon.

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The lambing season in Iceland is at its peak with 75 lambs being born during RÚV’s live broadcast. Icelanders have followed the event closely and commented on it on social media. Local news reporter, Edda Sif Pálsdóttir, expressed her sadness on Twitter after witnessing a ram lamb die after a complicated and difficult birth.  

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This is RÚV’s first attempt at ‘slow television’, a term used for a genre of live marathon television coverage of ordinary events in its complete length. Norway’s public broadcasting service, NRK, has produced several ‘slow tv’ programmes from 2009, all of which have received much attention from the Norwegian nation. 

Watch selected parts of the broadcast here.

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