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6 things to do in Iceland when the weather is bad!

By Staff

The Icelandic winter can bring some horrible weather our way as has been evident over the past weeks. But that’s no excuse to sit around and sulk. Here are a few tips on what to do during those bad weather days.


1. Go swimming! It might sound like the last thing one would want to do in bad weather, but trust us on this one, there is nothing better or more relaxing than soaking in a hot tub during a winter storm. While you’re at it, pay the sauna a short visit as well. You’ll be left feeling so invigorated!

2. Snuggle up inside with a warm drink and a book or a good film and listen to the wind billowing outside your window. At such moments one can’t help but feel thankful to have no obligations nor engagements that require a trip out into that ghastly blizzard

3. Dress warmly and head into the storm – but only if it‘s safe!! Be sure to check the weather forecast beforehand and ask for further information at the reception desk. If the weather is not too bad, put on hiking boots, a woollen jumper, snow gear, hat and gloves and head out for a little walk around town. The feeling of Jack Frost nipping at your nose will evoke childhood memories of playing in the snow.   

Ferðamenn, vetur, snjór, óveður

Dress up warmly and enjoy a stroll around town. Photo/GVA

4. Spend the day at a museum. Bad weather days are ideal to spend exploring museums and soaking up knowledge about Iceland and Icelandic culture.
There’s a plethora of interesting museums to be found all over the country, everything from the Herring Era Museum in Siglufjörður, to the Settlement Centre in West Iceland, the National Museum in Reykjavík and Pompeii of the North in the Westman Islands – and that’s only naming a few!

5. Soldier through the blizzard to the nearest café and enjoy the rewards of a cup of delightfully warm hot chocolate while doing some people watching.
Some of the more inviting and cosy cafés are for example 10 dropar on Laugavegur, Stofan on Vesturgata, Hannesarholt on Grundarstígur, Reykjavík Roasters on Kárastígur and Te og Kaffi located in the Eymundsson book store where one can scan through magazines and books for free.

6. Enjoy annual festivals such as Food and Fun and the Icelandic Beer Day! The weather might be bad, but that’s no reason why one shouldn’t engage in a little fun.

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