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5 gorgeous hiking trails for the avid mountaineer

By Staff

  • Hiking in Hornstrandir There is a plethora of beautiful hiking trails to be found all over Iceland. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

The popular Laugavegur hiking trail in central Iceland is reportedly overrun with travellers, both local and international. But there is no need to fret as Iceland is full of gorgeous and less travelled hiking trails.


1.    Austurstræti


Illikambur, Austurstræti, austurland

Illikambur ridge.

Austurstræti stretches from Lón in East Iceland, and all the way to Fljótsdalur, a valley situated in the highlands north of Vatnajökull ice cap. It takes approximately one week to walk the trail from one end to the other.

2.    Old Kjalvegur trail


Kjölur, Kjalvegur

Kjölur Photo/Algkalv/Wikipedia

Kjalvegur used to be an old public route, connecting the north and the south. It runs through the centre of the country and takes the hiker through the vast, black highland desert. The three-day-long hike is relatively levelled and easy to walk.  

3.    Askja hiking trail


Dyngjufjöll, Askja

Dyngjufjöll and Askja caldera Photo/Michael Ryan/wikipedia

This hike is for experienced mountaineers only as it brings you across Ódáðahraun lava field, up onto the 1,300-metre-high Dyngjufjöll mountains (with the possibility of snow blizzards even during summer) and offers limited water supply. But the scenery … oh, the scenery!
The hike takes 5 to 6 days. For further information (and booking of mountain huts) contact FFA at +354 462-2720 or email ffa

4.    Snæfell/Lónsöræfi trail


Lónsöræfi, Lón

Lón Photo/Bromr/Wikipedia

This popular hiking trail can be done in 3 to 7 days, depending on whether you want to take it nice and slow and really immerse yourself in the scenery, or want a vigorous work-out. The trail crosses amazing landscapes, complete with glaciers, hidden valleys, and bustling rivers. On a clear day, one has an exceptional view over the eastern regions.

5.    Hornstrandir nature reserve



Hornstrandir Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

The Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is located at the northernmost part of the Westfjords. It is Iceland’s most isolated region, outside of the central highlands, and is full of gorgeous hiking trails. Organised trips to the area are only available in June, July and August. To get there, one can either take a scheduled boat tour or charter your own boat from the towns Ísafjörður or Bolungarvík. 

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