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23-year-old becomes the first woman to win the annual ram-judging competition

  • From the annual sheep roundup Sheep farmers competed in ram-judging on Sunday. 23-year-old Hadda Borg became the first woman to win the competition. Photo/Vilhelm 

Hadda Borg Björnsdóttir is the first woman to win the annual ram-judging contest held on Sunday in the Strandir region. The competition takes place at the Icelandic Sheep Farming Centre in Sævangur, northwest Iceland.

Around 80 contestants competed in this year’s ram-judging, reports Morgunblaðið. As in previous years, participants compete either as "expert ram-judges" or "novice ram-friskers".

Hadda Björg is 23-years-old and lives on the farm Þorp in Tungusveit district in Strandir. She competed in the “expert” category. 

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