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2018 will set a new record in the number of cruise ship passengers visiting Reykjavík

By Staff

  • Grótta lighthouse The number of cruise ships visiting Iceland has increased dramatically in recent yeras. Photo/Vilhelm

Cruise ship traffic in Reykjavík is on track to set a new record next year. Port authorities are expecting as many as 144,000 passengers to be onboard the ships which are scheduled to dock next year, up from 127,000 in 2017. When the number of crew members (62,000) are added to this figure we get 206,000 people who are expected to arrive in Reykjavík by ship next summer.

The first arrival will be on March 9, when the MS Magellan, operated by a UK cruise company, will dock. Like many other cruise ships who arrive in Reykjavík next year Magellan will make several return trips to Reykjavík. The 68 ships who are scheduled to visit Reykjavík next year will to dock a total of 141 times in Reykjavík harbor, up from 133 arrivals this year. 

The main cruise ship season will be from May until September. The last ship to arrive is Ocean Dream, which will dock on October 21. Ocean Dream is operated by a Japan based NGO Peace Boat which works for various humanitarian and environmental causes.

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