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The 2015 SlutWalk saw a massive turnout on Saturday

By Staff

  • No shame There was a massive turnout for the 2015 SlutWalk that took place last Saturday. Photos/Valli

The annual SlutWalk, Drusluganga in Icelandic, took place on Saturday, 25th of July, with around 30 thousand people in attendance. The massive turnout caught the international media’s eye, with Al Jazeera and Xinhua People among those who covered the event.


Druslugangan 2015, Drusluganga, Slutwalk


People marched from Hallgrímskirkja church to Austurvöllur square (in front of the parliament building) chanting “Ég mun ekki þegja” (I will not stay silent) and “Ég mun standa með þér” (I’ll support you) to draw attention to the negative reactions rape victims often receive and serve as a silencing function that often stop survivors from reporting the crime and talking about their experiences.

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One of the event’s organisers, María Kristinsdóttir, told Xinhua that the SlutWalk should encourage people to open up and discuss sexual abuse, while Saga Kjartansdóttir, told Al Jazeera that “rapes and sexual harassment appear to be almost part of daily reality for women. Society must remember that, when celebrating how much has been achieved in the women's rights campaign."

Druslugangan 2015, Drusluganga, Slutwalk

"I'll support you" was one of the slogans people chanted during the march. Photo/Valli

Druslugangan 2015, Drusluganga, Slutwalk

Victim and perpetrator. Photo/Valli

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